The creeper shoes suit the female gender perfectly

The Creeper Shoes Suit The Female Gender Perfectly

The creeper shoes suit the female gender perfectly

The creeper shoes suit the female gender perfectly


There is a saying that if you wish to know about the class of a person, you should look at his footwear. That would expose any man, however, fashionable he may be. It is a true statement in every sense of the word. Therefore, you would always find the fashion designers placing great emphasis on choosing the most appropriate kind of footwear. When you speak of footwear, specific items look great even as a fashion statement and an object of general wear as well. The creepers shoes would undoubtedly come under this category.

Tough origins:

These shoes had their roots under tough circumstances during the Second World War. The soldiers posted in the North African deserts were suffering due to the extreme weather conditions. The heat was baking their feet. The need of the hour was a sturdy piece of footwear that would protect these brave hearts. The invention came in the form of a thick-soled shoe. The rubber sole was such that it ran the entire length of the shoe and was more than an inch in thickness. It was to protect them from the heat reflected off the ground.

The gradual shift:

Subsequently, with the end of the war, these creeper shoes should have seen a natural decline. However, the soldiers started using the same on a regular basis because of the comfort factor. Hence, the utility of these creepers remained. In spite of being sturdy, chunky shoes with thick crepe soles, these shoes had their efficiency. No one would have ever envisaged at that time that these creepers would become a fashion statement sometime in the future.

The Teddy Boys:

You cannot discount the contribution made by the Teddy Boys in bringing these creeper shoes out from the closet into the fashion world. The Teddy Boys have a reputation of trying out outrageous fashionable clothes. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that they chose to experiment with the Creeper shoes. You should give the credit where it is due. The credit for converting these shoes into a fashion statement must go to them in every way.

The Spice Girls connection:

The creepers were men’s shoes. Of course, the Teddy Boys brought them out into the open in the 1970s. However, women were not that enthusiastic to try out these creepers. They may have their reasons for doing so. However, the Spice Girls had different ideas. They experimented with these shoes, and it became an instant hit with the women folk. Today, you can find these shoes, especially the Black Creepers in every girl’s wardrobe.

The fashionable side:

The beauty of these shoes is that they get along very well with any clothing. You can find them attractive with the rugged wear as well as with the delicate wear. Even though it retains the masculine appearance, these shoes have become very popular among the women as well. The trick may be in the choice of the colors. With the females, you have a license to experiment with various colors. The fashion has come to stay today. Today, it is the age of vegan shoes with no parts of animals going into the manufacture of footwear. It is a significant initiative.


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